Sunday, 17 September 2017

Crossroads - Battles in Kings Oak (again) - part two

Here's two more pages of Crossroads Battles in Kings Oak trading cards. (Click on them for larger repros)

No more. 

For now. 

The previous batch are here.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

The 1st First Doctor Audio Adventures recalled...

With the announcement by TV's Big Finish of their brand new audio adventures of the first Dr WHO, it's a timely reminder to note that David Bradley wasn't the 1st first recast Doctor to appear in sound form. 

Following his runaway success in The Five Doctors, Richard (Blakes7) Hurndall lent his voice to this hastily released LP back in 1984. 

He never got it back.

Crossroads - Battles in Kings Oak (again)

I've been sorting through my portfolio pages over the past few days. There's quite a few unfinished pieces still lying around. This was one of them. I've finished it now. I had to do something as I was minding the flat whilst the builders were refitting my kitchen. They've finished that now. We're all finished. (Except for some of the grouting round the back of the fridge.)

The Crossroads Battles in Kings Oak trading cards is (obviously) based on the Doctor Who Battles in Time trading cards that were all over the place ten or so years ago. To be honest, some of these are so obscure, I'm sure I'm the only person who finds the idea of a Crossroads trading card game amusing and tempting...

(I don't usually upload hi-res versions of my work - but these have detail in them that's hard to read otherwise. You'll have to click on them to read them fully.) 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Sapphire & Steel Instant Porridge

It's porridge and it's instant... It's Sapphire & Steel's Instant Porridge!!

Mavic Chen's Electrical Empire...

It's not a well-known fact that the beloved Guardian of the Solar System - Mavic Chen - also owned a vast business empire dedicated to manufacturing the latest in household electrical goods to the citizens of Earth in the space year 4000.